About Vidyaadaanam

माता इव रक्षति,  पिता इव हिते नियुंक्त्ते

कान्ता इव च अपि रमयति अपनीय खेदम् |

लक्ष्मीं तनोति वितनोति च दिक्षु कीर्ति

किं किं न साधयति कल्पलता इव विद्या ॥


I am Nivedita. In this blog, I would like to share the notes that I prepare for my Sanskrit studies. I also intend to include other material that I gather from my teachers and friends. The material posted here could benefit those who are learning Sanskrit.

There are material related to the correspondence course conducted by Samskrita Bharati. There are numerous question papers with solved answers. The answers are yet to be validated.

There are some notes related to the Gita Sopanam/Pravesha course offered by Samskrita Bharati.

More material will be added for the MA Sanskrit programme offered by KSOU.

If you have any comments, you may reach out to me at nivedita[dot]yrsk@gmail[dot]com.

Nivedita 2015

अन्नदानं परं दानं विद्यादानं अत: परम् |
अन्नेन क्षणिका तृप्ति: यावज्जीवं च विद्यया ||

15 thoughts on “About Vidyaadaanam

  1. Hi, I was going throgh your essay on Importance of Veda. very nicely written.
    Do you have something written on Subhashita..?

    Ramachandra Bhat Hire


  2. Madam,
    I am going to join prevesha course. I have just completed 10 days course and know little Sanskrit knowledge. Kindly guide what i ned to concentrate mainly for writing prevesha exams in Jan 2017.


  3. Madam, I am going write Kovida exam on 05-02-2017. I want old question papers with answers.please send by email.


  4. Namath madam,I am jayashree and I am preparing for my M.A sanskrit from kuvempu university. Your notes are very helpful for me. Can you please send the notes for Abhignanashakuntalam.


  5. Namaste Nivedita.
    Great work going on!
    Keep it up please.
    May Devi Sharadambe bless you with more and more Knowledge so that you can do more and more Vidyadaanam to all those who are seeking it!
    शुभं भवतु।


  6. I am looking a listing, only a list, of selected / impotant / popular verses of all Kandaas (Cantos) of Raamayana. This will be of great help to persons like me who cannot go through the 2400 verses of Valmiki Raamayana, with any degree seriousness.

    I have in mind a selection like the one available as “Srimadbhagavatha Makarandalu” – a book published by Geeta Press regarding Bhagavatham by Potana in Telugu. .


  7. श्री शार्वरी ज्येष्ठ शुद्ध द्वितीया

    नमोवाकम् भगिनी,

    भवत्या: एतानि अन्तर्जाल प्रकशनानि अद्यत: मया न द्रष्टानि | एतानि पठित्वा तथा श्रुत्वा अपि अहं अतीव मोदितो∾स्मि|
    बाल्ये मया संस्कृतम् अब्यस्तं | किञ्चिदपि यद्यहम् भवत्या: लेखनानि तथा ध्वनि दृश्य मुद्रितानि अद्य पठितुम् शक्नो∾मि, तत् सर्वं अपि बाल्ये अभ्यस्त भाषा ज्ञान सहाय्येन एव | भवत्या: एतत् संस्कृत सेवा, अचिर काले एव अत्यधिक जनान् संप्राप्य अधिक प्राचुर्यं प्राप्नोति इति भावये|

    सहस्र वन्दनानि,

    इति भवदीय:

    मेडूरि माधव कृष्ण शर्म:
    उत्तर केरोलीना राज्यं,
    अमेरिका संयुक्त राज्यानि


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