Kunti Stuti Part 5 – Anand – S.B. 1.8.32 – 1.8.36

Kunti Stuti is a part of Srimad Bhagavadam comprising of 26 shlokas from 1.8.18 to 1.8.43. Here is a session from the series of sessions conducted by Sri. V. Anand explaining these shlokas in simple Sanskrit. This page contains the detailed notes of the shlokas covered in the sessions – https://nivedita2015.wordpress.com/sanskrit-sessions/srimad-bhagavatam-kunti-stuti-anand

After helping the Pandavas in numerous ways during all of their calamities until the protection of Prakshit in the womb of Uttaraa, when Krishna is all set to leave for Dwaaraka, brimming with gratitude, Kunti praises Krishna. These verses are called Kunti Stuti.

1.8.18 – 1.8.20 Extols His supreme qualities and states that He is beyond her comprehension.

1.8.21 – 1.8.24 Praising Krishna’s form, she salutes Him. Thanking Krishna for protecting her family, Kunti indicates that she is more fortunate than His own mother in getting His protection at multiple occasions.

1.8.25 – 1.8.26 Prays for occurrences of calamities so that Krishna will be always there for them and also since people to whom good things happen are likely to forget the Lord.

1.8.27 – 1.8.28 Extols Krishna’s divine qualities and salutes Him mentioning that he is impartial to all.

1.8.29 – 1.8.31 Kunti says that no one can understand what Krishna wants to do, taking the form of a normal human being. Kunti also wonders at the different forms that Krishna has taken.


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