(Video) ChampuRamayanam – Sundarakandam – Smt. Vidhya #4

भोजचम्पूरामायणम् – सुन्दरकाण्डम् – श्रीमती. विद्या रमेशः – संस्कृतभारती, चेन्नै (King Bhoja’s Champu-Ramayanam – Sundarakandam– Weekly online classes being conducted by Smt. Vidhya Ramesh, Samskrita Bharati, Chennai). https://nivedita2015.wordpress.com/sanskrit-kavyas/video-bhojas-champuramayanam-sundarakandam-vidhya-ramesh/ This page contains the detailed notes of the shlokas covered in the sessions.





6 thoughts on “(Video) ChampuRamayanam – Sundarakandam – Smt. Vidhya #4

  1. Thanks for the interest shown towards attending these classes. We did not have the class this week. The next class will be held on 21st. I will provide the link in advance for the next class so that everyone can know about the upcoming session.


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