(Audio) Gatamoha – Tyagaraja – Sangeetha Kalaanidhi Dr. S. Ramanathan

On this Ramanavami day (5-Apr-2017) and on the eve of the centenary celebrations of Sangeetha Kalaanidhi Dr. S. Ramanathan, I am extremely happy to share this recordings from the class when Dr. S. Ramanathan Sir taught us the Tyagaraja Kriti – Gatamoha. View the lyrics below in Devanagiri lipi!

Some songs (anuraagamuleni, vanajaakshi varnam, gata moha, tamarum amarum, and sarali varisai) recorded during the class  is shared through the google drive – https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_LMgoFM5B7JRE56eXVFcEctMjA Though the lessons are at beginner level only, this will indeed be a musical treat as it would bring back the wonderful memories for those who have learnt from him at his residence at T.P. Koil Street, Tiruvallikkeni, Chennai.


गतमोहाश्रुतपालाद्भुतसीतारमण (गत-मोह आश्रुत-पाल अद्भुत सीता-रमण)


१. भव-सारस-भव-मानस-भवनामर-विनुत   (१. भव-सारस-भव-मानस-भवन अमर-विनुत)

२. भव-तारक-सव-पालन-भवदासर-हरण (२. भव-तारक सव-पालन भवद आसर-हरण)

3. विनताज-गमन-रागव-मुनि-पूजित-चरण (3. विनताज-गमन रागव मुनि-पूजित-चरण)

४. शत-कोटि-चरित-मानव-मत-भेदक-दमन (४. शत-कोटि-चरित-मानव मत-भेदक-दमन)

५. कर-शोभित-चर-पाप-तिमिर-भास्कर-सगुण (५. कर-शोभित-चर पाप-तिमिर-भास्कर सगुण)

६. शरजानन-करुणाकर-वर-वारण-शरण (६. शरज-आनन करुणाकर वर-वारण-शरण)

७. नत-मानस-हित-कर-पालित-त्यागराज (७. नत-मानस-हित-कर पालित-त्यागराज)


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