(Audio) Dr. S. Ramanathan – A day with Thyagaraja – Discourse

I am deeply indebted to my Veenai teacher Smt. Rajalakshmi, a senior disciple of Dr. S. Ramanathan for sharing this recording of the discourse by Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr. S. Ramanathan on “A day with Thyagaraja” in Tamil.  Only the first part is currently available. Once I get the second part, I will upload that too.

First song written by Thyagaraja – (note the 4th vibhakti forms of different vowel ending like akaaraanta, ikaaraanta and ukaaraanta).


नमो   नमो राघवाय अनिशम् नमो   नमो राघवाय


१. सुकनुताय धीनबन्धवे  सकलकोक-दयासिन्दवे |

२. श्रितदुरिततमो बहुरवये सतत पालितात्भूतकवये |

३. निजसेवक-कल्पक-तरवे अजरुत्राद्वमर-सुगुरवे |

४. धिनमानव-गणपतये दानवैन्दकाय सुमतये |

५. आयुरारोग्य-दायिने वायुभोजि-भोगिसायिने |

६. नूतन-नवनीत-भक्षिणे भुतलादि-सर्वसाक्षिणे |

७. वरगज-करगुलित-बाहवे सरसिज-दानवे शुबाहवे |

८. नागराज-पालनाय त्यागराज-सेविताय |


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