One thought on “Ramayanam Mohanji Class 6 and 7

  1. Namaste.
    Samskrit Promotion Foundation ( has been working on various projects to improve the quality of Samskrit Education in Schools.
    One among them is the “Samskrit Tutorial”. Please pay a visit to the project website –
    & 6 to 12 class wise app available on google play store:-
    This will be a ‘Samskrit Resource’ website for Teachers and Students. ( Yes, it will also be useful for any one who wants to study Samskrit!!)
    1. Students can listen to Samskrit tutorials. (The most important point is Samskrit is taught through Samskrit only)
    2. Their parents can listen to these tutorials along with their children and help them.
    3. Samskrit Teachers can effectively use these tutorials. (Now Samskrit Teachers can use the Smart Classrooms and attract bright students to Samskrit)
    4. All the resources can be downloaded by the teacher. The visuals can either be used as such or be modified to suit the teacher’s need.
    Our aim is to provide quality study material / resources for all Samskrit Students from Secondary to Graduate level.


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