Dr. Amba Kulkarni on the work related to Sanskrit and Computers

Here is an extract a mail from Smt. Dr. Amba Kulkarni on the work related to Sanskrit and Computers:

There are several things to be done at the level of linking Sanskrit with Computers.
This linking is at two levels: Using the computational techniques for the betterment of Sanskrit, and using the knowledge in Sanskrit for improving the computer’s performance.
The latter is more research oriented, where we look at the Sanskrit scriptures and try to see their relevance in the field of computing. I’m looking at the theories of shaabdabodha and vyaakarana to see how can I improve the Naural Language Processing tools with the help of this knowledge.

The former consists of several things such as
a) Development of Digital Libraries, Use of Text Encoding Initiatives to preserve the Sanskrit texts (look at SARIT’s website)
b) Developing OCR for Sanskrit
c) Developing Speech generator and Speech Recogniser for Sanskrit
d) Developing morphological analysers and generators for Sanskrit
e) Developing Sentential Parsers for Sanskrit
f) Developing a search engine for Sanskrit
While some work is done on all of these, there is a need for improvement.
So depending on your expertise and interest, you can choose any one of these and work on it.
You may have a look at my homepage http://sanskrit.uohyd.ac.in/faculty/amba for the research publications and http://sanskrit.uohyd.ac.in/scl for Samsaadhanii tools.