(Video) Overview of the Paninian Grammar – Neelesh


Here are the presentation material used during the sessions:

अष्टाध्यायीलघुपरिचय: – 1

अष्टाध्यायीलघुपरिचय: – 2

In these online classes, there will be an overview of Paniniya-Vyakaranam. Neelesh will talk about Ashtadhyaayi, along with the fundamental principals and methods that Panini used in constructing various sutras in Ashtadhyayi. Neelesh will also talk about what is commonly referred as “Paniniya Parampara” and share its constituents. He will conclude with a mention about the more recent granthas of sanskrit grammar and talk about their advantages.

This is a two-days session and it is meant for those who are beginners of Paniniya vyakaranam and want to start their study of Ashtadhyayi in a systematic way.

Here are the links to the earlier sessions by Sri Neelesh.

One thought on “(Video) Overview of the Paninian Grammar – Neelesh

  1. My respects for the great work you are doing in the field of Grammar. We forget in the present system of education, information and communication that grammer has the same importance as software/ software language codes. And more. Pranams (plural).


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