Selected verses from Kathopanishad – #1

Selected verses from Kathopanishad

Verses collated from the question papers for KSOU MA Sanskrit (2007 to 2014).

Part 1 with notes from the classes conducted by Dr. Vanitha Ramaswamy (30-Sep-2015)


  • The Kathaka Upanishad with Shri Shankara’s Commentary, edited with notes by Sri Sri Swami Satchidanandendra Saraswati, Adhyatma Prakasha Karyalaya
Online References for Sanskrit Verses and English Translation

1.    अनन्दा नाम ते लोकास्तान् स गच्छति ता ददत् ॥ ३ ॥ २००८.०१, २०१३.०१
Joyless are the worlds attained by one who sacrifices such useless offerings.

पीतोदका जग्धतृणा दुग्धदोहा निरिन्द्रियाः ।
अनन्दा नाम ते लोकास्तान् स गच्छति ता ददत् ॥ ३ ॥
These cows have drunk water, eaten grass and given milk for the last time, and their senses have lost all vigour. He who gives these undoubtedly goes to joyless realms.

पीतोदका: drunk water जग्धतृणा: eaten grass दुग्धदोहा: having given milk निरिन्द्रियाः become sterile। अनन्दा नाम Joyless  लोकाः worlds तान् स:  them he गच्छति goes/reaches ता: ददत्  giving away (as gifts) ॥

Among the verses on नचिकेतसो यमसकाशप्राप्ति:, this one is about नचिकेतस: स्वागतं चिन्ता |

This verse shows the dedication of Nachiketa and the ignorance of his father, Vaajasravas. Nachiketa gives importance to charity in the Yagna. There are 3 meanings for the word Yagna – देव पूजा, सङ्गति करण, दान.  Dhaana or charity is very critical. Nachiketa comes out of curiosity to see what things are being given away in charity, by which his father will get to go to the joyful realms – the उत्तम लोका, आनन्दा लोका.  पीतोदका: जग्धतृणा: दुग्धदोहा: निरिन्द्रियाः are all in past participle भूतकृदन्तरूप. They have all done their activity and are not in a position to perform any activity. The cows are not able to drink water, eat grass, give milk or have any strength in their senses to give birth to calf. The result of such a charity will not be good. न नन्दा लोका: अनन्दा लोका: | Nachiketa feels sorry that his father will go to joyless worlds only. This is a preamble to the story of Nachiketa’s meeting with Yama.


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