Learn Sanskrit – Step by Step (Sambhashana Shibiram, Gita Sopanam, correspondence courses, and ….)

The proper and easiest way for learning Samskrit is to start with the 10-day Sambhashana Shibiram conducted by Samskrit Bharati. There are different google groups for the different parts of Bangalore. The Samskrita Bharati (SB) Karyakarta for the area will get in touch after the registration is done with SB. http://samskritabharati.in/register

Soon after the 10 day shibiram, while the enthusiasm is very high, Samskrit studies should be continued by learning Samskrit through the Samskrit medium which is possible from Gita Sikshana Kendram by way of Gita Sopanam – 1 & 2 and Gita Pravesha – 1 & 2.  These are classes conducted by Samskrita Bharati at different locations in Bangalore. More details about the courses are available here – http://samskritabharati.in/courses/gita-shikshana.

Here is a link to Sri Manish’s blog where this Samskrit Bharati Karyakarta has shared his experiences regarding the Gita Sopanam courses — http://layers7.blogspot.in/2013/12/for-last-2.html

While attending the Gita Sopanam classes, it would be an added advantage to do the correspondence courses – Pravesha, Parichaya, Shiksha and Kovida. The Kovida completion certificate will be helpful for further Sanskrit studies like MA from KSOU. Here is the link for more details – http://samskritabharati.in/courses/correspondence-course

After the 10-day course, while doing Gita Sopanam and the correspondence courses, the next task would be to attend the Sikshaka Prasikshanam. This 10-day residential camp for training the participants to conduct the 10-day Samskrit Sambhashana Shibhiram is conducted once a year in Karnataka. You may contact SB office for more details.

Samskrita Bharati
8th cross, 2nd Main,
Giri Nagar, Bangalore India – 560085
Phone: 080-26721052, 26722576, 26421152
Email :samskritam@gmail.com

For those who want to pursue further studies, there are many organisations including KSOU.  I have shared in a separate post the details related to KSOU MA – https://nivedita2015.wordpress.com/2015/09/29/ksou-ma-sanskrit-general-info-syllabus/.

पठतु संस्कृतम् | वदतु संस्कृतम् |

I thank my teachers, Sri Vasuvaj (for the 10-day Sambhashana Shibiram held a few decades ago),  Sri Manish (Sambhashana Shibiram), Smt. Saritha Dharmvir, Sri. Balamuralikrishna and Sri. Narayana Namboodiri (Gita Sopanam/Gita Pravesha) and Dr. Vanitha Ramaswamy (for the classes for KSOU MA students).


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