Gita Pravesha – 1 Question Paper

Here is a sample question paper of Gita Pravesha 1 along with a summary of the portions covered in GP1. Thanks to Sri Ponnaluri Bala Murali Krishna who conducted the classes for GP1.

Gita Pravesha 1 Summary



7 thoughts on “Gita Pravesha – 1 Question Paper

  1. Respected All,

    My sincere thanks for the notes on GP – 2. I is very useful and all the study materials uploaded in the site are awesome. Thanks a million for all the support given to the students. Whole heartedly appreciate the cause. God be with you all, always.

    Thanks again,
    Yours obediently

    Padmaja CS


    1. Namaste,

      Prashanapatrikaa: uttaraani cha sthaapanaartham bahva: dhanyavaada: | Chatranaam krte sahhayam bhavati |
      Vayam tu Kuwaitdeshe vasaama: | Ata: asmakam krte bahoo sahhayam bhavati .
      June 2017 patrikaa: avashyakam chet krupaya soocayatu.

      Preeti Rajgolikar

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