Some useful Sanskrit related sites

Identify Chandas



Gita – lecture US SB

Original texts
this sabdakalpadruma

Audio – Stories  and similar ones on

radio news

Link to the text

Link to the notes!
Bhaja govindam References

Type in Sanskrit

1. Visit

2. Select Sanskrit checkbox and “I agree…” checkbox and submit.

3. Run the downloaded file.

4. Open the required application like MS Word or gmail.

5. Toggle between Sanskrit language and English by using (a) Alt+shift or (b) Windows key + space bar. Find out which one works on your system.

Dictionary – Sanskrit to English We can search only based on the first vibhakti form.

• In, we can enter any vibhakti form. Examples:
vitṛṣṇāyām: feminine locative singular stem: vitṛṣṇā
vitṛṣṇā: feminine nominative singular stem: vitṛṣṇā
vitṛṣṇām: feminine accusative singular stem: vitṛṣṇā
• वाचस्पत्य and शब्दकल्पद्रुम
• उपसर्गार्थचन्द्रिका – prepositional verbs, verbs with prefixes or upasargas —


Grammar – Tools

Bhavan’s book —

Sanskrit Bhasha Shikshanam…Learn Sanskrit Part 1_1 – YouTube —

Level 2



Resources from Manishji:

Here is my lecture note Just read it. It is note taken from 5 to 6 hour long video. Video YouTube link is also there at end of this article.

Here are all grammar tool:

Here is collection of all useful Sanskrit resources

Resources from Sri SD Sudarshan:

Link to Dr Viswas’s spoken sanskrit lectures. Please view/listen to them. This will help a lot. Rashtriya Sanskrit Sanstha.!forum/samskrithanews गत्वा join करोतु for Samskritha News.
Gita workbook – chapter wise!
Sastraprakasika trust
Chandravilas apartments
A3-No.9, 8th street,
Dr. Radhakrishna salai, Mylapore, 600 004
phone 044 28530975. Details got from Sri Raghavendra on 29/12/13 at Gita Shibiram.

(पूर्वं मध्ये, क्लेशः भवति स्म | किन्तु अत्र सौकर्यमेव | श्रोतुमपि शक्यते, download अपि कर्तुं शक्यते | Download इति चेत्‌, विलम्बः नैव भवति | धेयम्‌– To listen directly to a file, left-click on it; it will play right then and there. To download a file to your computer, right click on the file and select “save link as”. कियत्‌ सुलभम्‌ !)

SSVT-मन्दिरस्य वर्गस्य सर्वाणि ध्वनिमुद्रणानि अत्र सन्ति–—bhAShAvarga-dhvanimudraNAni/01—SSVT-saMskRutam

UMD- वर्गस्य सर्वाणि ध्वनिमुद्रणानि अत्र सन्ति–—bhAShAvarga-dhvanimudraNAni/02—UMD-saMskRutam

UMD-2013-L1-वर्गस्य सर्वाणि ध्वनिमुद्रणानि अत्र सन्ति–—bhAShAvarga-dhvanimudraNAni/03—saMskRutam-2013—bhAShAvarga-dhvanimudraNAni/04—bhAShApAkaH

You can install a Google Chrome App called “Kditor” on your chrome browser, or perhaps simply browse this URL on your favourite browser – good Material to learn.
one long page on Contents of sanskrit Grammer

Bookboxinc – animated stories with subtitles
shubhashitam notes
Learn Gita with all grammatical aspects

SuccessCDs Education – Compound words

Sanskrit conversation 45 mins

Maheswara sutrani song

Nivedita’s google drive –
Pravesha –

Parichaya –

Shiksha –

Kovida –
Karth Vachak Kridant – Learn Sanskrit Grammar —
An, matup, ini, tan, tva, tal, (tasil, tral Pratyay) (आन प्रत्यय ) – Sanskrit Grammar Lessons

tadit —

maheshwara sutrani —
another one maheshwara sutrani —

Sanskrit-Metres – YouTube

Courses coached by raghunandan’s gita govinda …sabha

NIOS sanskrit


सरलं संस्कृतम् An easy-paced approach to learn Sanskrit

 Vyoma Labs sites:

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  1. Response that I received from Sri S.D. Sudarsan — “Going by the content and dates, it is perhaps Vibhakti vallari, bhashapaakah and sambasanasopanam. He used all three of them during those classes.”


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